Accredited Continuing Education Programs for Physicians

–most of these include learning objectives, clinical guide, pretest, posttest, and clinical challenges

Videoclinic on Hypertension (two one-hour programs)

Risk Management of the Hypertensive Patient

(A six-unit self-instructional program for primary care physicians in the United Kingdom, West Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Canada, and other countries; approximately 500 pages)

Cardiovascular Concepts: Long-Term Management of Hypertension

Rheumatology Rounds: Adult Rheumatoid Arthritis

Outpatient Administration of Chemotherapy

For Pharmacists and Nurses

Renal Disease (four modules: Acute Kidney Failure, Radiocontrast-Induced Neuropathy, Acute Tubular Necrosis, and Economic Considerations in Renal Disease)

For Nurses

Needlestick Prevention (three programs: Prevention, Postexposure Management, and Psychological Counseling)

Educational / Product Knowledge Training Programs for Pharmaceutical Representatives

Cardiovascular System

General (many projects)

Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors

Digestive System


Bile Acids Learning System

Digestive System, Urinary System, and Ostomy Products

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)


Liquid Nutritional Products

Nausea and Vomiting; Antiemetic Agents

Nutritional Supplements

Infectious Disease

Antimicrobial Agents


Respiratory Disease

Respiratory Disease and Bronchodilator Therapy

Obstructive Airway Disease and Drug Therapy

Urinary/Renal System

Ostomy Learning Program (three modules: Digestive system, Urinary system, and Ostomy Products)

Urinary Incontinence and Other Abnormalities of Urination

Urinary System, Abnormalities of Urination, Urinary Products, and Managing  Urinary Incontinence


Bipolar Disease and Antimanic Agents

Cancer, Hypercalcemia, and Drug Therapy

Inhalational Anesthetic Agents

Pain and Analgesic Therapy

Powered Instruments and Surgical Procedures

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Wounds, Wound Management, and Wound Management Products


Diagnostic Test Kits for Identifying Risk in Pregnant Women

The Chemistry Laboratory, General Chemistry, and an Automated Chemistry Analyzer for measuring CK-Total and CK-B

Training Manual for Case Management Nurses (a 300-page book)

Other Educational Programs

Medical Monographs

Hospital Formulary Monograph on Antiarrhythmic Agents

Chemonucleolysis: The Pharmacist’s Role

Hypertension Modular Monograph

Surgeons’ Monograph on Chemonucleolysis

Profiles in Nutritional Management: The GI Patient

New Dimensions in Infusion Therapy: The Use of Infusion Pumps in Surgery and Anesthesiology

Dietary Modifications in Disease: Mental and Physical Disabilities

New Dimensions in Infusion Therapy: The Use of Infusion Pumps in Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

Human Papilloma Virus


Administering Chemotherapy by Infusion in the Home

Continuous Ambulatory Infusion of Chemotherapy

Recent Findings in Diabetes

Patient Information Booklets

Endodontics (seven booklets)

Ask Your Doctor

Your Disc Problem

Substantive editing of three booklets: Understanding ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography); Understanding Bowel Prep Before Colonoscopy; and Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease (GERD) (American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy)


The Wild Place (ASJA Press; suspense novel)

Diabetes (Franklin Watts; Awarded Honorable Mention, the Beth Fonda Award for Excellence in Communication for a Lay Audience, 1991, by the Greater Chicago Area Chapter of the American Medical Writers Association; out of print)

A Year on the Desert (First Edition: Prentice-Hall; natural history; out of print) (Second Edition: Best eWay Publications)

The Diabetes Leading Edge Series (Best eWay Publications; paperback and ebooks): Blood Glucose Levels and Diabetes Control; Type 2 Diabetes: Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Diagnostic Tests; and Prediabetes: Beating the Odds of Getting Type 2 Diabetes)

Contributor to: Tools of the Writers’ Trade (HarperCollins); The Complete Guide to Writing Nonfiction (Writer’s Digest Books); Issues and Response (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich); Health Education in the Elementary School (Goodyear Publishing Company); The USA: Customs and Institutions (Simon and Schuster); and Health (the Southwestern Company)

Magazine Articles

Formerly, contributor to Better Homes & Gardens, Companion, Direction (CNA), Family Weekly, Greatlakes, Holiday Inn Magazine, Home ‘N Away Magazine, Hospital Management Quarterly, Journal of the National Association of Retail Druggists, Lady’s Circle, Materials Management Journal, Northwestern Report (Northwestern University), Today’s Family, Today’s Health (American Medical Association), Together, Trailer Travel, other magazines


Currently, Contributing Writer, Addiction Treatment Forum (quarterly newsletter and Web site)

Quick Reference Guide to Antithrombotic Therapy (a summary of research papers presented at symposia on antithrombotic and thrombolytic therapy); American College of Chest Physicians

Meeting coverage of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders, Physicians Forum (newsletter)

RSV Focus: Approaches to Prophylaxis and Treatment of Pediatric Respiratory Disease (newsletter)

Project Development and Management, Porter Henry & Co., Inc.

Contract Writer, Clinical Studies for FDA submission

Contract Writer, Clinical Studies, Calcium Channel Blockers

Fact Sheet: Incontinence and the Elderly

Preparation of manuscripts for publication: Video Transure­thral Resection: Report of 200 Cases; and Clinical Study of Leuprolide Depot Formulation in the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer; J. Widran, MD

Medical Abstracts (substantive editing)

I.V. Medications: Users’ Manual

Symposium Summary: Dietary Modifications in Diabetes

Medical Backgrounders (white papers) and News Materials

Disease Descriptions: Summaries of medical information, presented in a former online database for physicians, American Medical Association

Audiovisual Programs

Film and Videotape

Practical Approaches to Interventional Cardiology

Kidney Transplantation (Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center)

Diabetes: Meals and Physical Activity, and Diabetes in Adults

Incontinence and the Elderly (videotape and audiocassette)

Controlling Your Diabetes; a series: How to Test Your Urine, How to Monitor Your Blood Glucose Levels, and How to Inject Your Insulin

Three 12-minute programs for patients; winner of the Sight/Sound Award for excellence in medical communications in broadcast and audiovisual media; presented by the Greater Chicago Area Chapter of the American Medical Writers Association, 1986

Chemonucleolysis, a 10-minute program for patients

Video Scenarios, Home Therapy Training Workshops

Chemonucleolysis: The Double-Needle Technique

A 27-minute program for physicians. Awarded Honorable Mention, the Morris Fishbein Award for Distinguished Achieve­ment in Medical Writing, by the Greater Chicago Area Chapter of the American Medical Writers Association, 1984

Rhinoplasty; a 15-minute program for patients

Chemonucleolysis: A Therapeutic Choice; a 24-minute program for physicians

The Simple Alternative: Peripheral Vein Total Parenteral Nutrition; a 17-minute program for physicians

Video Clinic on Hypertension; two one-hour programs for physicians

Slide Cassette

The Eastman Kodak Series:

Four programs: The Ektachem Analyzer, Dry Chemistry, Slide Technology, Instrumentation, and Economic Analysis; for physicians, chemists, hospital administrators, and laboratory personnel, describing a Kodak automated clinical chemistry analyzer

The Hypertensive Patient

A 15-minute program for pharmaceutical salespeople; awarded a Special Citation by the Greater Chicago Area Chapter of the American Medical Writers Association, 1979

Slide/Lecture Guides

Inhalational Anesthesia (co-writer)

Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Pressure Ulcers in Institutional Settings

Use of Benzodiazepines by the Primary Care Physician

Speaker/Teacher Kit on Immunosuppressive Agents


Antimicrobial Agents (three audiotapes)