Out of respect for my clients, I’ve included samples that are relatively short, and not among my most recent publications.

Although I’ve removed product names, I haven’t edited the writing samples since they’ve been published. That’s why some information is outdated. Also, changes in software have caused formatting imperfections in in some of the samples.

Continuing Medical Education Programs

Print Program

Acute Tubular Necrosis

—with learning objectives, pathophysiology section, and quiz

Slide/Lecture Guide


Product Knowledge Programs for Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Lipids and Vascular Risk

The Nature and Physiology of Pain

Nausea and Vomiting

Bone Structure and Physiology

Obstructive Airways Disease

Pharmacokinetics of NSAIDs

Other Training Programs

Case Referral (for managed care nurses)


Film Treatment


Diabetes: Exercise and Meals

Film Scripts

Diabetes Management


Meeting Coverage

Coexisting Conditions in Parkinson’s Disease


A Year on the Desert

The Wild Place (psychological thriller)


Glossary (from a diabetes program)

Final Exam (from a section on statistics)