On this Web site you’ll see my resume, the names of some of the groups I’ve worked with—including pharmaceutical companies, medical associations, hospitals, advertising agencies, and so forth—and a description of some of my projects.

I’ve listed projects written in a wide range of styles—from in-depth pieces such as accredited educational programs for physicians, to much lighter fare, including even a suspense novel. My clients appreciate the light touch I use in writing scripts, dialogue, newsletters, and books.

I especially enjoy working as part of a team. If we work together, you’ll find me to be cooperative, dependable, and easy to get along with. I take my deadlines very seriously, and I never forget that my reputation is my most important asset.

Today’s deadline pressures make it difficult to schedule time for the vital services of a medical editor. On August 1, 2009, I passed the 3-hour certification exam of the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS), designed to assess editorial proficiency in various medical and other scientific fields. My certification allows me to use the designation ELS (Editor in the Life Sciences) after my name. It also assures my clients that my writing and any projects requiring substantive editing will meet the editorial standards established by BELS.