Training and experience

Dr. Goodheart’s training and experience, detailed in his Curriculum Vitae, have given him the broad knowledge of science and medicine that is evident in his writing. A respected scientist, he has presented lectures to international audiences, taught courses in universities and medical schools, and written two textbooks and dozens of scientific papers.

Clinical trials and FDA meetings

Applying his knowledge, medical training, and clinical experience, Clyde designed and carried to conclusion a clinical trial, meeting with FDA officials to work out the details of the study. He has also written and submitted many regulatory documents, including successful 510(k) applications.

Scientific and technical writing

Clyde has used his teaching skills to translate highly technical concepts into the basic language appropriate for educational programs.

Accredited educational and product knowledge sales training programs

Working with major pharmaceutical companies, Clyde has developed educational programs, including accredited monographs (CME), for physicians and other medical practitioners. Audiences for his sales training programs have included new sales representatives with little or no background in biology or pharmaceutical agents, as well as seasoned employees who need advanced training in transplantation immunology or the physics of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Helping scientists and physicians produce manuscripts for publication

Clyde’s editorial services include evaluating and commenting on manuscripts, performing basic and substantive editing, analyzing data, preparing graphics, suggesting target journals for publication, and helping scientists and physicians shape their research findings into a manuscript suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. He has helped researchers of all levels write papers based on their own hypotheses, concepts, and data.

Helping foreign authors publish in English-language journals

Clyde has helped scientists and physicians from several non–English-speaking countries polish their drafts into scientific or medical English for submission and publication in an English-language journal.