How I can help you with your project:

This Web site introduces you to my background, the types of writing I do, some of my previous writing projects, and some of the topics I’ve covered. Posted samples will give you an idea of the styles I use when writing various types of projects.

I can write the projects you need—whether your goal is to prepare white papers, educate your sales force for your new product launch, analyze data and write up a manuscript for publication, produce a continuing medical educational program, cover and write up a meeting, or create a regulatory document. My fees are competitive with those of other freelance medical writers.

I have helped many foreign authors whose native language is not English to prepare their medical and scientific papers for publication in English-language, peer-reviewed journals. Depending on the authors’ needs, my services have included basic editing, substantive editing, suggesting suitable journals for submission, commenting as an unofficial peer-reviewer, rewriting the article to conform to the requirements of the target journal, making point-by-point responses to reviewers’ comments, and helping to refocus papers that had been rejected. Many of these papers have now been accepted for publication.

Barbara and I have worked together on writing projects, and if a project would benefit, we can bring in other professionals we’ve worked with before—designers, copy editors, and medical artists. We’ll do whatever is needed to finalize your project to your satisfaction.

I’m ready to help you—but if I feel that your project is not appropriate for me, for whatever reason, I’ll tell you so. If possible, I’ll recommend someone who can do the job for you.